Next Flight Out

The bags have been dragged. I’m scheduled for the next flight out on a C-17, the big military plane on Thursday afternoon, 2/18/10 (Wednesday evening, 2/17/10 in the States). Kind of hard leaving this place, but it’s time to go.

Update: My flight is scheduled to leave McMurdo at 3:30 pm Thursday, 2/18, McMurdo time, which is 9:30 pm Wednesday, 2/17, Eastern time.

I’m obviously looking forward to seeing my wife and pets, family and friends, but I’m also curious to see other things people see everyday, like night and stars and trees. (Like everyone else in the northeast U.S., I’ll have to wait a little longer for spring, rain, and grass.) I’ll have to remember to pay for stuff like food and coffee and that traffic moves at speeds greater than 15 miles per hour.

I’m looking forward to driving on a highway, walking in the woods, sleeping in my own bed and maybe going to a hockey game where there may be fifteen times the number of people in one building than I’ve been with in McMurdo since October, 2009.

Of course, there is no Frosty Boy at home (it now comes in lime, and for a brief period we had chocolate), and I’ll miss the McMurdo library. Hopefully I’ll continue my habit of reading rather than watching television, although it will be interesting to see a television commercial rather than the military public service type messages we get here.

I’ll greatly miss the scenery here too. I never tire of seeing mountains, sky, snow, ice, and the effects of wind; and penguins, seals, skua, and whales.

“The land looks like a fairytale.” ~ Roald Amundsen (1872-1928)

10 comments to Next Flight Out

  • Chuck Pisano

    America is filled with wonderous sights, too. Make sure you go to see them when you take vacations – I’m sure Sue won’t complain. ;-)

  • Kristen Kessel Ellison

    Funny how being away for a while makes you appreciate the ‘everyday’ things at home that we often take for granted. Thanks for reminding us of that.

    Leaving Antarctica isn’t a goodbye, it’s just “so long for now.” You’ll always have the photos, memories, and experiences with you.

    So proud of you. See you soon.
    Love, Ya Sista

  • Mom

    SEE YOU SOON!!! You are in the air as we “speak” (I believe!). It’s so hard to believe you are “coming home”.

    Travel safely, my boy.

    Love, Mom

  • Mom

    YAY!!! You are probably in the air at this point so “safe landing”!

    Wait until Sue and D’mitri see you!!!

    Love, Ya Motha’

  • Mom

    Well, I jsut heard from Sue and you are still in Antartica. Oh well, when you get here you get here! We’re all waiting patiently (???) for your arrival.

    Happy Landings…

  • Scott

    Still in Antarctica.
    My flight is scheduled to leave McMurdo at 3:30 pm Thursday, 2/18, McMurdo time, which is 9:30 pm Wednesday, 2/17, Eastern time.

  • Alvin (QH)

    Well, preemptive welcome back to the mainland, I certainly enjoyed your journey/pictures/stories. I am sure your family is happy to have you back…although your penguin family is probably heartbroken.

    On a side note, holy mackerel…you sure read lot of Books on the Ice.

  • Borchi

    I really enjoyed reading your antarctica blog! As a kid I read every book on polar expeditions :) I wish you a pleasant flight back home to your family.

  • Paul

    you’re coming home to colder weather! its the snowiest winter in many years…looking forward to see you though and hearing stories…perhaps you can get to a Devils game and watch their quest for the Cup! See you soon..and safe trip

  • Scott

    @ QH: Reading kept me out of trouble. ;) Glad you enjoyed the site.

    @ Borchi: Thanks for visiting! Glad you enjoyed it.

    @ Paul: February in New Jersey never looked so good!

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