Penguin on the Road

Here’s something you don’t see every day:

A lone Adélie Penguin on the road between my dorm and Winter Quarters Bay.


7 comments to Penguin on the Road

  • Kristen Kessel Ellison

    Where are all his friends??? :-( Please pack him in your bag and bring him home as a souvonir.

  • Aunt Mary

    He has the funniest little feet! I want to make him slippers. Was he smiling for the camera? Kristen, do penguins get along with rabbits?

  • Matt V

    Name him Al. The little Al.

  • Kristen Kessel Ellison

    Happy Valentines Day to my big brother!

  • Scott

    @ Kristen: His friends are down the road near the seawater intake. A dozen of them have been standing around for a few days. The last I saw this little penguino, he was walking down the road in their direction. The little buggers all look alike so I can only assume he is now among them.

    @ Matt: I can’t tell them apart; I’ll just refer to them all as Al.

  • [...] of penguins hanging around near the seawater intake, where McMurdo Station meets the Ross Sea. The lone penguin from the other day is probably in this group. Not sure what they are looking at. Suspicious [...]

  • Hey You Two!!I have been wondering what you have been up to out there at the South Pole and it fillany occurred to me to check your \Life if Saturdays\!!! Duh! Congratulations on your marathon you guys are amazing. Please tell Kacey hello for Paul and I! We are all settled here in Denver (in the Highlands-29th and Osceola) for now, and I have been working as a pediatric home healthcare nurse. Its OK so far, I love the kids but I need something full time and I’d of course love to be in a hospital-but that is hard to come by as a new nurse I’ve recently come to find out. Anyway, please let us know when you guys are coming back-we’d love to have you over for dinner and hear all about your adventures. STAY WARM! (we are getting around a foot tonight supposedly!xoxoBetsyand ssalec

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