Living, working and volunteering in the same town makes one stale after awhile. So, after living in the same town for 22 years, volunteering with one of the town’s fire companies for twenty years, and working for the town as an emergency services dispatcher for seven years, I decided to do what most sane people would do: accept a contract position to work in Antarctica for five months.

I’ll be 10,000 miles from home working as a dispatcher for the Antarctic Fire Department in McMurdo Station, Antarctica until the end of February, 2010. This blog reflects my observances and opinions, and is in no way to be construed as official information. The views expressed here are not the views of Raytheon Polar Services Company (RPSC), Unites States Antarctic Program (USAP), National Science Foundation (NSF) or any other entity acting in an official capacity in Antarctica.

I am also here with the support and blessing of my wonderful wife, to whom I will always return.

Bookmark this site or subscribe to an RSS feed. I aim to keep everyone updated on my experiences and post a few pictures. There may even be a wise crack or two from time to time.

My name is Scott, follow me afar…