Penguins at the Seawater Intake

Here are a few shots of penguins hanging around near the seawater intake, where McMurdo Station meets the Ross Sea. The lone penguin from the other day is probably in this group.

Not sure what they are looking at.

Suspicious penguin is suspicious.

In this early evening sunlight, [...]

Nice Crack

Walking to Hut Point the other morning, I noticed what appeared to be a crack in the ice pier. At first, I thought maybe it was something Fleet Ops was doing. They were in the process of removing the layer of dirt and gravel that is placed on the pier for traction during vessel operations.

Penguin on the Road

Here’s something you don’t see every day:

A lone Adélie Penguin on the road between my dorm and Winter Quarters Bay.


Inside Discovery Hut (Scott’s Hut)

Antarctica is the only continent on earth where man’s original buildings remain. On February 9, 2010, I was privileged to take several members of the New Zealand Defense Forces (NZDF) on a tour of Captain Scott’s Discovery Hut.

Discovery Hut, located just to the west of McMurdo Station, was built in February 1902 by the members [...]

Cargo Ship M/V American Tern at the Ice Pier

The cargo ship M/V American Tern has been at McMurdo Station’s ice pier since Monday, Feb. 1, 2010. Hundreds of containers of cargo have been offloaded, and many containers of recyclables, waste and reusable materials and equipment will be loaded aboard for transport back to society. Depending on the type of waste, it may be [...]

Christchurch in Spring

Christchurch, New Zealand (known here as “Cheech,” the rough pronunciation of its airport abbreviation, CHC) has long been the launching point for Antarctic expeditions. It is from here the United States Antarctic Program launches flights to McMurdo Station. Christchurch is also where those who have worked the summer and who will soon be spending the [...]