One Year Ago

One year ago, 7 Oct., 2009, I began my trip to Antarctica. It certainly doesn’t seem that long ago. Thanks to everyone for their interest and questions. I could talk about that place for hours.

I’ve learned that if you want something enough, you can do anything. You can go anywhere. Along the way, there were [...]

Antarctic Perfect

Antarctic Perfect: “All kinds of disappointment wrapped in a package that looks like something you’d want.”

~ Thomas “Tree” DaCosse, Antarctic Fire Department, Summer ´09 -´10

While my trip to Antarctica was by no means disappointing, the above quote sums up how things aren’t always what they seem, how you often need to make due [...]


After six flights taking me from McMurdo Station to Christchurch, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia; Honolulu, HI; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; and finally Newark, NJ; I arrived home on Saturday, Feb. 20, 2010.

Thanks for following along on my travels.

“The sun is down, enjoyed the dream
I’m full of hope that you think of me.
I [...]

A Love Song to Antarctica

Only Him or Me

Townes Van Zandt

Don’t go saying I’m leaving you
thinking I never got close enough to stay.
Time runs in, and then runs out
starts again and it’s always been that way.
You’re gonna drown tomorrow
if you cry too many tears for yesterday.
Tomorrow’s half of all you’ve got
so treat him good, ’cause when I’m gone, he’ll stay.

I [...]

Next Flight Out

The bags have been dragged. I’m scheduled for the next flight out on a C-17, the big military plane on Thursday afternoon, 2/18/10 (Wednesday evening, 2/17/10 in the States). Kind of hard leaving this place, but it’s time to go.

Update: My flight is scheduled to leave McMurdo at 3:30 pm Thursday, 2/18, McMurdo time, which [...]

Waiting For Bag Drag

I’m all done with work here at McMurdo Station. Tomorrow afternoon, I bag drag, the process of checking and weighing bags and gear (and people) in preparation for the flight out. I’m scheduled to leave at a yet to be determined time on Thursday, 2/18/10 (Wednesday, 2/17/10 in the States).

Update: My flight is scheduled to [...]